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It Is Never Too Late To Start
Your Martial Arts Journey

Lakeland Karate, Denville, NJ. Affordable karate for all children an adults of all skill levels.

Meet New Friends. Get In Shape. Lose Weight. Kick Butt. 

When you join an adult class at Lakeland Isshinhryu Karate

you'll find the people you'll meet are as varied and as interesting as the reasons they joined.


  • You may meet a women who wanted an interesting and exciting way to get back in shape.

  • Or a young man who needed a way to get motivated about finally losing weight.

  • Maybe a young women concerned about protecting herself and learning self-defense.

  • The older couple who are concerned about maintaining their strength, balance and coordination.

  • Or someone who needs the self-confidence knowing they're able to defend themselves and their family should the need arise.


The one common denominator is all of your fellow students have found there isn't a better way to combine weight lose, physical fitness and a practical life-skill like self defense training in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment like Lakeland Isshinhryu Karate.



We also offer Tai Chi and Qigong Classes for those who are primarily interested in reducing stress, increasing flexibility and balance, relieving muscle and joint pain and partaking in a low-impact, relaxing yet beneficial exercise program proven through centuries of use.

ADULTS CLASS SCHEDULE:              Monday: 6 - 7 PM Advanced Class

                                                           Tuesday: 6:30 - 7:45 PM

                                                           Wednesday: Advanced Class 6 - 7 PM

                                                           Thursday: 6:30 - 7:45 PM

                                                           Saturday: 9:30 - 10:30

  • I am new to karate and martial arts. Is there a class for me at Lakeland Karate?
    Of course. Lakeland Karate welcomes anyone who wants to start their martial arts journey, whether you're very young or older. Beginners are always welcome and encouraged at our dojo, and we'll be delighted to see you for the first time.
  • I am not in the best shape. Will that matter?
    Not at all. Lakeland Karate's programs are all centered around individual achievement - you proceed at your own pace. The only expectations you need to meet are your own.
  • Should I join a gym before I register for karate lessons?
    Not necessarily. We would never discourage you from joining a gym but martial arts in general is a great way to contribute to your overall physical health. Weight control, strength, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health can all be improved by participating in a martial arts program.
  • Can I use what I learn in class in the real world?
    Hopefully you'll never have to. But if you do you'll be able to confront potential threats with skill and confidence.
  • Why should I choose Lakeland Karate?
    There are a lot of nuts-and-bolts reasons (small class sizes, one-on-one mentorship, the advanced degrees held by instructors) but the main reason is the support you'll get from everyone in the dojo, instructor and student alike. Our classes are mixed ages and skill levels so everyone helps each other. At Lakeland Karate we believe achieving individual goals is a group effort!
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